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Reliable FPGA Design to your Specification

Take advantage of the signal processing performance offered by today's FPGA technology. Get rid of maintenance problems and unexpected behavior. NetModule is using a proven design flow for implementation, verification and synthesis.

We implement your algorithm

The FPGA team of NetModule implements your algorithm to the technology of your choice. We help you to integrate the FPGA properly into the system. We guarantee reproducible results. 

NetModule has a choice of soft-coded IP cores that will be used where applicable. Third party IP cores can be integrated.

We are Experts

  • Software Defined Radio: Up-/Downsampling, Segmentation/Reassembly
  • Communication: SERDES, JESD204, Framers, Add/Drop Multiplexers
  • Processing of Ethernet frames: IEC61850, IEC62439, IEE1588
  • Ultrasound: Image processing, beamforming, signal chain, scan conversion, doppler
  • Machine Control: Precision timing, fast algorithms, signal acquisition

FPGAs can help you hitting the market faster, reduce the component count and increase the flexibility of your product. Learn more from our case study (German only) >

ibex, portable ultrasonic, fpga, application expertise, imaging, beamformer, signal processing

Success Story

For the new Ibex® Ultrasound scanner, E.I.Medical Imaging has chosen NetModule AG for the development of the FPGA based processing unit.

Read the story >

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