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Products for a Connected World

The products of NetModule are designed for industries where reliability is a must. We ensure highest quality and a first class support!

NetModule Industrial Routers for wireless and wire line applications

Industrial Routers

NetModule offers a wide range of industrial-grade routers for wireless and wire line communication in harsh environments.

NetModule Vehicle Router with E1 certification

Vehicle Routers

NetModule offers a wide range of ruggedized vehicle routers for wireless data and voice communication in mobile environments.

NetModule Railway Router with EN50155 and CEN/TS 45545 certification

Railway Routers

NetModule's railway router series are designed for mobile railway communications. These routers comply with the industry standard EN50155 which is mandatory for most railway appliances.


This table gives an overview of the different NetModule Router lines. Furthermore, it shows the specific variants that are available based on each product type. All models share the same software, although it is provided as three different images, one per product line. To learn more about the software features, have a test run of our GUI simulator or see the manual.

Product line NB1000 NB2000 NB3000
Application M2M/IoT Vehicles Railways
Product type NB1600 NB2700 NB2710 NB3700 NB3710
Dimensions LxWxH [mm]  110x45x124 104x190x40 104x190x45 104x190x86 104x190x105
Ethernet ports 2 5 4 5 5
Number of SIM slots 1 2 6 2 4
Digital I/O's 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
RS-232 1 1 1 - 1
Extension port - - 1 - 1
Options R Data sheet Data sheet - Data sheet -
  U Data sheet Data sheet - Data sheet -
  U-G - Data sheet - Data sheet -
  Ca Data sheet - - - -
  L Data sheet - - - -
  L-G - Data sheet - Data sheet -
  W Data sheet Data sheet - Data sheet -
  UW Data sheet - - - -
  UW-G Data sheet Data sheet - Data sheet -
  LW Data sheet - - - -
  LW-G Data sheet Data sheet - Data sheet -
  LWC-G - - Data sheet - Data sheet
  LWA-G - - Data sheet - Data sheet
  2LW-G - - Data sheet - Data sheet
  2L2W-G - - - - Data sheet
  4L2W-G - - - - Data sheet


  • A=Audio
  • C=CAN
  • Ca=CDMA
  • G=GPS
  • L=LTE
  • R=router only, no options
  • U=UMTS
  • W=WLAN


NetModule Industrial Automation Products


NetModule provides Solutions for the automation sector. From network redundancy solutions (IEC62439) to Industrial Ethernet protocol stacks.

SBCs and Evalsystems

SBCs and Eval Systems

NetModule's SBCs and Eval Systems enable customers to minimize time-to-market and optimize costs without getting in dependency of a module supplier.

Customs Tariff:

  • Router NBxxxx  8517.6200
  • NetJury/ZE700 8517.6200
  • ECU 9026.2000
  • IDS 9026.4980
  • CPU modules 8552.3100

AL/ECCN all products:

  • EAR99