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Key Features

  • Central device management
  • Separated network sites
  • Auto-setup of VPN infrastructure
  • Auto-generation of device configuration
  • Auto PKI certificate handling
  • Scheduled remote OTA updates
  • Connection state supervision
  • User management
  • On-premises or cloud-based installation

Connectivity Suite

Centralized Management System for VPN Based Networks

Connectivity Suite

The NetModule Connectivity Suite is a lean device and network management system, which simplifies device overview, installation and maintenance of a router network thanks to central administration.

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The ongoing digitalization (IoT) and its high demand for system interoperability increases complexity of rapid growing networks and components. The maintenance of devices is inefficient and extremely expensive if a technician has to access devices on-site. Also, manual remote access to individual devices should be avoided as software or configuration updates must be performed for each device separately.

Connectivity Suite, a web-based and modular management platform for NetModule routers solves these problems. It supports administrators to integrate, configure and monitor their devices from one location in a secure way.
So-called network tenants allow logical grouping and separation of several network sites within one management platform. The responsible technician can only access the tenants and devices he has been assigned to.
Every tenant is served by its own VPN server, to which the routers connect automatically after a simple initial configuration and certificate assignment - juggling with IP addresses and certificates is no longer necessary! Connectivity Suite automates the management of secure communication between server, tenants and devices and even the connected end devices with proven encryption techniques such as OpenVPN and IPsec.
The configuration management gives instant access to latest configuration of any device and enables bulk configuration updates. Software and configuration updates can be scheduled so that they’re executed automatically at the desired time.
The health platform component continuously supervises the connection status of devices and networks. The overall status is part of the platform dashboard.

The Linux platform builds on state of the art technologies, such as a uniform REST API. It allows the integration of Connectivity Suite into existing 3rd party tools or the functionality could be extended with additional components. By being powerful enough for projects with hundreds of devices Connectivity Suite guarantees a sustainable investment. The platform can also be installed on-premises. This ensures the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data and information flows.


Device ManagementCentralized device management
Platform database for devices, clients and servers
Structured views of device attributes (filtering, queries)
Device provisioning process
Direct service access to routers (UI, CLI) and end devices behind routers
Device ConfigurationManagement of device configuration and firmware
Auto-setup of router and VPN server configuration
PKI certificate handling for VPN servers and clients 
Management of device specific update packages (configuration, certificates, firmware, …)
Import / export of device configuration
Mass deployment of configuration changes
Package DeploymentFail-safe OTA updates of device configuration and firmware (update packages)
Scheduled roll-out plans for automated device updates
Package downloads for manual updates (e.g. via USB stick) 
Monitored update procedures 
NetworkAuto-setup of customizable VPN network infrastructure
Centralized management of various separated network sites
SecurityUser management
Encrypted VPN (OpenVPN)
Secured management platform interface (https)
Separated device provisioning server
Automated PKI certificate management
Partitioned management and operational networks
Platform APIREST API to platform components 
Customizable platform UI and middleware components
Integration with 3rd party tools 
InstallationOn-premises installation
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 Server
At least 16 GB RAM, 120 GB disk space, 2 CPUs
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