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IEC61850 und IEC62439: PRP/HSR High Availability Networks

Industrial Ethernet/IEC62439 - PRP/HSR - IEC61850 und IEC62439: PRP/HSR High Availability Networks
NetModule's IEC62439 PRP/HSR Offering

IEC62439 Products and Services for Redundant Ethernet
Ethernet based solutions such as IEC61850 gain momentum in the industry and conquers new markets such as automation systems, power plants, traffic infrastructure, and SCADA systems. This increases the requirements on the availability of the networks. Two industry standards addressing these requirements are High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and the Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP).

NetModule is offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for embedded PRP/HSR device solutions. As an early adopter of this technology, we see us as competent and reliable know how partner. We are Freescale Featured Partner for Substation Automation solutions. 

  • PRP Software Drivers: Field proven software based IEC62439 PRP redundancy protocol drivers and tools.

Your Partner

NetModule is your independent partner for IEC62439 solutions

  • Over 10 years of experience in industrial Ethernet communication
  • NetModule has realized the earliest IEC62439 implementations for industry leaders
  • We deliver everything to develop and approve your PRP/HSR device


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