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Service Portfolio

  • Migration Risk Analysis
  • Migration Strategy and Timeline
  • Rating Future-Proof of Hardware
  • Migration of BSPs, Drivers, and Applications

Migration Topics

  • Tornado to Workbench Environment
  • BSP: VxWorks 5.5/6.x to VxWorks 7
  • Driver to new VxBus
  • Kernel Applications to RTP
  • Add USB, CAN, Bluetooth, FireWire
  • Augment System Security
  • New Graphic Capability
  • Make System SMP Aware
  • From 32-bit to 64-bit

VxWorks Migration Services

Remould your system

VxWorks Migration Process

You want to take advantage of features only available in VxWorks 7?
You need support for the latest chip version from your silicon vendor?
You want to make your system future-proof and ready for the Internet of things?

Fast changing new technologies, high demand for new innovative applications and shorter product cycles are typical challenges and faced by many product managers. Under this pressure and tightest project schedules, system migration is often postponed as long as possible.

NetModule offers customized migration packages to address exactly these challenges and provide professional support. A typical migration package includes the migration strategy, the migration timeline, the risk analysis, the migration engineering services and the future-proof rating of the system.

  • Service
  • Migration Topics


Typical Migration Procedure:

  • Provide us with your fully functional system (hardware, software, BSP)
  • Define together the scope of the customized migration package
  • Perform a system analysis and evaluation
  • Prepare a strategic plan
  • Joint walk through the strategic plan
  • Perform the migration
  • Verify results using automated tools (Validation Test Suite)
  • Deliver your migrated system
  • Introduction and training on the migrated system installation

The strategic plan includes:

  • The system analysis results
  • Migration recommendations including pros and cons
  • Step-by-step proposal how to migrate to new features
  • Cost estimation
  • Risk analysis

Migration Topics

Tornado to Workbench IDE migrationThe Development Environment changes completely. Depending on your build environment adaptations of makefiles, environment variables, or compiler options are necessary.
NetModule offers to migrate your existing build environment to the Workbench environment.
BSP Migration to VxWorks 6.xThe range of porting to VxWorks 6.x is wide. Starting by porting the existing BSP to VxWorks 6.x without using the new feature set and advantages; continue the migration by adding support for new features and moving applications to the user land (RTP).
NetModule prepares a step-by-step migration plan for a fast and reliable migra-tion.
Migration of Kernel ApplicationsStaying at the previous level of BSP functionality the migration can be done with less effort. But also with restrictions and without the advantages of the new VxWorks 6 features (e.g. memory protection including MMU, RTP, and IPC; true 64-bit operation using LP64 data; broad networking and middleware features, updated run-time analysis tools, VxBus Framework) . Therefore it should be considered to migrate to a full-blown kernel-mode application or migrate even to a process based system with further advantages.
NetModule helps you to plan migration options and steps in order to choose the optimal fitting to your project/product schedule.
Migration of Applications to RTPsVxWorks 6 introduces a new paradigm with real-time processes (RTP). RTPs running in user-mode have the advantage of memory protection and provide more reliability. Porting the existing kernel applications to RTPs becomes also necessary when using the VxVMI library, POSIX or interfaces that are no longer supported.
NetModule analyzes your applications and presents you a suitable migration plan.
Driver Migration to VxBusWind River strongly recommends switching to the uniform VxBus device driver infrastructure. Legacy drivers continue to be supported, but only for uniprocessor systems. Nevertheless legacy drivers require minor migration steps.
VxWorks 6.7 introduces a new network driver model (IPNET native driver model also called END2) which avoids the overhead of packet format translation. A driver migration to this new model will speed up packet processing.
NetModule offers to analyze and migrate your drivers to the new driver models.
Migration to SMP/AMPSilicon vendors offer more and more multicore systems to improve the power per watt ratios. To take advantage of multicore systems it is necessary to make the system multicore aware and to optimize it for multicore benefits.
NetModule makes your system multicore aware and analyzes your applications to improve turnaround, throughput and processing performance.
Migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit64-bit programs like encoders, decoders, encryption algorithms, and multimedia algorithms can benefit greatly from 64-bit registers. Also data intensive programs like data bases benefit from the larger address space.
But supporting 64-bit is not just re-compiling. Existing code especially in the embedded area often uses tricky and hardware specific code to speed up performance (e.g. using overflow bit within counters). Also address arithmetic and data exchange includes pitfalls when moving to 64-bit.
NetModule analyzes your code and makes it 64-bit aware. We also investigate your ap-plication to get the most benefits of multicore systems.
Rating the Future-ProofIn a world of fast changing technologies, the Life Cycle Management of Embedded Systems requires special considerations. Permanent monitoring of Product Change Notifications (PCN), Last-Time-Buy (LTB) and End-of-Life (EoL) messages of the used hardware components is mandatory to guarantee the expected long-term availability.
NetModule analyzes possible impacts for your system and provides the necessary advice. The process is supported by performing a product life-cycle analysis of the used components and observing trends.

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