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NetModule – your partner for VxWorks development!

/As a Wind River partner we can provide you with services for VxWorks and Wind River Linux. - NetModule – your partner for VxWorks development!

For more than ten years, NetModule provides professional services around the VxWorks real-time operating system. The service offering ranges from development of special board support packages (BSP) including drivers to development of applications with hard real-time constraints.

Wind River, VxWorks; Linux; Workbench; Tilcon

Board Support Packages

The basis of a stable operating system is a high quality BSP. NetModule operates a team that is highly specialized in developing, adapting, migrating and debugging board support packages and drivers. NetModule develops BSPs strictly according to the Wind River guidelines and tests all BSPs using the BSP Validation Test Suite.

Software Development

Our software development portfolio comprises all layers, from low-level drivers to middleware components to application development. NetModule provides you with expert knowledge in the communication area with the main focus on TCP/IP, voice & video over IP, wireless communication and real-time communication.


One of our main assets is our flexibility. We support you in case of unexpected problems or resource bottlenecks.
Maybe you want to get your new employees on speed quickly? We help you with trainings tailored to your needs!

Hardware Platforms

Our CPU modules provide the perfect hardware platform with a matching BSP for your application.
If your application calls for specialized hardware, we can help you developing your own hardware with a focus on optimal hardware/software partitioning.

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